Packages release for November 2014

We now have a bot implementation for Phergie v3 and a number of the more commonly used plugins ported over from Phergie v2! Please try these out and file any issues or feature requests against the appropriate repo on Github. Thanks in advance for your contributions!


We love our contributors and those of the projects on which we build! Many thanks to those without whom these releases would not have been possible.


  • All Travis CI configurations now include PHP 5.3.3 where supported; the latest versions of the PHP 5.3 (where supported), 5.4, 5.5, and 5.6 branches; and HHVM 3.4.0. Tests for all repos have 100% code coverage and pass under all PHP / HHVM versions included in testing.
  • All repos are now using GitHub Releases. Changelogs will be included there instead of in posts on this site.
  • All repos support Composer and are available on Packagist.
  • Where some repos previously had two separate composer.json files, all now have one and use require-dev and autoload-dev as appropriate.
  • All repos now use PSR-4 autoloading. The src and tests directories of all repos have had unneeded namespace directories removed.
  • All test suites now use PHPUnit 4.1.x for running tests and Phake 2.0.0-beta2 for mocking.
  • API documentation is now available.


  • We admittedly failed at making the release cycle more regular this time around. We'll try to do a better job of that moving forward.
  • This and future releases will target PHP 5.4. PHP 5.3 has reached end-of-life and related version conflicts with React dependencies are becoming more frequent.
  • phergie/phergie-irc-bot-react will undergo bug fixes and minor feature additions as we move to further stabilize it.
  • Plugin ports and additions will continue to further expand the ecosystem and put the bot implementation through its paces.
  • We'll be exploring the possibility of setting up a Satis repository for Phergie plugins to replace the current solution of a Github wiki page.

How You Can Help

If you run into any issues, you can file an issue on Github, find us in the #phergie channel on the Freenode IRC network, or e-mail us at


phergie-irc-bot-react 1.0.0

Github, Packagist

phergie-irc-client-react 2.0.0

Github, Packagist

phergie-irc-parser 1.5.0

Github, Packagist

phergie-irc-generator 1.4.0

Github, Packagist

phergie-irc-connection 1.2.0

Github, Packagist

phergie-irc-event 1.0.0

Github, Packagist

Package releases for September 2013

The foundational packages for Phergie 3 have firmed up and we expect to have an initial development release of a full-featured bot implementation in the coming months. Stay tuned for further developments.

phergie-irc-parser 1.3.0

Github, Packagist
  • Updated nick parsing to conform to RFC 2812 (elazar)
  • Fixed crash on encountering malformed CTCP messages (elazar)

phergie-irc-generator 1.2.0

Github, Packagist
  • Added support for CTCP ACTION requests and responses (elazar)

phergie-irc-client-react 1.0.0

Github, Packagist
  • Updated WriteStream to support CTCP ACTION requests and responses (stil)
  • Expanded unit tests to achieve 100% coverage (elazar)
  • Improved documentation (elazar)
  • Refactored connection and event handling (elazar)
  • Added support for one-time and recurring timed events (elazar)
  • Improved connection error handling (elazar)

Other Highlights

  • PHP 5.5 was added to all project Travis CI configurations


We love our contributors! Many thanks to those without whom these releases would not have been possible.
  • stil has frequently submitted issue reports, pull requests, and inspiration for new features
  • igorw has kept an eye on our use of React libraries and guided us towards optimal approaches